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Expedite Change And Become Innovative: Accept The Disruptions To Grow In Your Career

We live in changing times that feature dynamic innovations demanding fast transformations and adaptations. Everything around us exists in a constant state of change these days as a direct result of the introduction of new technologies, new services, and new market trends that stem from these dynamics. If you name it you own it and people labelled these dynamics as “DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES”, when in fact these trends have become the rule not the exception; with technology comes change. Buckle up as the essence and dynamic of change has become the norm, some survive in this environment, and those that embody these principals actually thrive in this new era of change. Change nearly always spells the doom for one market followed, like the legend of the Phoenix, by the birth of one or more new markets.
Innovations often emerge and change so fast that the markets, and often the law, fall behind. A technological inertia that stands as a temporary vacuum preventing governments and other keepers of the status-quo to keep up with the succession of changes that confront them. The market is changing all the time; a continuous metamorphoses. From the rise of the horse drawn vehicle delivering guests to a tavern to the modern day taxi arriving at a modern hotel, procedures to get a ride or book a hotel have remained the same, but within years of the advent of tablets and smart phones the need for middle man disappeared overnight from the equation and we now are able to book our ride and secure our hotel room with the touch of a finger on a screen.
We reached a point where we knew that markets were saturated, Villa Entrepreneurs and mainstream hotels had the market cornered, and suddenly Airbnb appears and allow common people another unforeseen market opportunity. Who could ever break the hold of the Taxi Cartels dominating the city private transport market? Impossible, I hear you say, but then Uber arrives and smashes another unbreakable hold on a tried and proven market. Common people are suddenly given an opportunity to use their cars and homes to profit in a new market facilitated through the introduction of new technologies. These examples stand like the proverbial elephant in the room as testament to the how the market giants can and will fall, no matter how much they fight the forward movement of technology, leading to their ultimate demise.

Will these changes continue in fast succession, changing the market and people daily?

Absolutely, it seems that there is no room for doubt that as new entrepreneurs throughout the globe join forces through technology, new and more innovative disruptive uses for the technologies will continue to grow exponentially. With these ideas come innovations, with these new innovations come ideas. It is an undeniable fact that if one stacks a team with a variety of experiences, facilitates and encourages knowledge sharing, packaged in an environment of support and encouragement that the resulting ideas that flow from the team will be nothing short of revolutionary. The resulting team solutions will be thoroughly researched and tested, delivered as a complete concept, that have been geared to remain resilient throughout any level of scrutiny.
DIVERSITY can be a formidable facet in building our solutions if we can understand the strategies to empower our teams to embrace change and commit to the power of team work. With a multi-faceted approach we can build a creative team that will thrive in challenging and dynamically changing markets.
To become innovative it’s necessary to think outside the box; to think outside the box it is necessary to accept diversity. When teams are trained to expect and embrace change and diversity they will begin to see and appreciate what was once invisible. Predictably it will follow that these new innovators will be able to perceive opportunity, where once no opportunity was visible. These insights become the norm, the expectation, not the exception. Living with the freedom to think and express views that are outside the accepted paradigms becomes the status-quo; this is empowerment, this is thriving in today’s world.
Feed your career with experiences in other countries, from other schools, with other colleagues, immersed in other culture while transcending new challenges with other people and teams that aspire, like you, to become the new leaders and masters of these testing times of fluid, dynamic and undeniable change.
Destroy the limiting boundaries that living in the old world have tailored in our thinking habits, open your mind to new possibilities and perceive the future opportunities that are developing before you. Your career craves much more than outdated theories based on old paradigms. It hungers for global experiences. Therefore condition yourself to anticipate change and seek to develop your senses as a global professional. Disrupt the paradigms and thrive in the success that follows.

Fernando Arbache

Fernando Arbache

Mestre em Engenharia Industrial PUC/Rio. Independent Education Consultant working with MIT Professional Education. Graduado em Engenharia Civil, UFJF. Data and Models in Engineering, Science, and Business/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). Challenges of Leadership in Teams/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). Data Science: Data to Insights/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). AnyLogic Advanced Program of Simulation Modeling/Hampton, NJ (USA). Experiência Acadêmica: Educational Consultant working with MIT. Instructor in Digital Courses at MIT Professional Education in Digital Transformation and Leadership in Innovation. Atuou cimo coordenador da FGV em cursos de Gestão. Atuou como professor FGV, nas cadeiras e Logística, Estatística, Gestão de Riscos e Sistemas de Informação. Professor da HSM Educação, IBMEC e FATEC. Livros escritos: ARBACHE, F. Gestão da Logística, Distribuição e Trade Marketing. São Paulo: Ed. FGV, 2004. ARBACHE, F. Logística Empresarial. Rio de Janeiro: Ed. Petrobras, 2005. ARBACHE, A. P. e ARBACHE, F. Sustentabilidade Empresarial no Brasil: Cenários e Projetos. São José do Rio Preto- SP: Raízes Gráfica e Editora, 2012. Pesquisa: Desenvolvimento de modelos de mapeamento de Competências Comportamentais e Técnicas, por meio de gamificação com uso de Inteligência Artificial, utilizando Deep Learning e Machine Learning ( Programa de Inovação com 75 cooperativas de diversas áreas de atuação e aproximadamente 500 participantes, com Kick-off no MIT PE ( Desenvolvimento de Inteligências nos dados e métricas - Big data e precisão nas tomadas de decisões na gestão de pessoas. Experiência Profissional: CIO (Chief Innovations Officer) da empresa Arbache Innovations especializada em simulação, inovação com foro em HRTech e EduTech – empresa premiada no programa Conecta ( como uma das 5 entre 500 startups mais inovadoras da América Latina. Acelerada pela Plug&Play ( em Sunnyvale, CA – Vale do Silício entre novembro e dezembro de 2018. Desenvolvimento de parceria com o MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology para cursos presenciais e digitais –, &

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