Advanced Management Structures That Foster True Diversity Within Set Competencies Will Inspire Creativity And Innovation

Leaders recognize the fact that teams who are under excessive levels of stress and pressure fall short of achieving their goals.

Teams need recognition to develop the confidence to take risks and achieve through creative strategies. Teams are falling short of management goals as the market parameters that they are working in are continually changing and many team members simply do not have the competencies to cope. They fail to see the new skills that are required and their colleagues share similar backgrounds that prevent them from seeing the changes as anything but threats and barriers. New skills need to be developed to handle the challenges, new competencies and strategies need to be created to deal with these barriers to success. This situation calls for companies and their teams to be more aggressive and dynamic, in fact, companies require more from their teams.


Teams need recognition to develop the confidence to take risks and achieve through creative strategies


It is time to move away from expert teams based on tried and proven strategies of the past that do not work anymore and build dynamic teams that will create solutions from the challenges that lie before them. The way to manage and build these teams will be through careful selection of team members who will be assembled in ways that are based on diversity of backgrounds, combined with a renewed agenda that recognize individual and group competencies. When one brings together a diverse range of talented individuals with different ideologies and perspectives, the scene is set for creative solutions to develop.

It is fair to state that teams derived from these guidelines will experience forms of conflict resulting from a clash of ideas, but it is through this conflict that viable solutions will grow. It is all a matter of leadership and developing a workable framework that promotes solutions from the conflict.

Creativity grows from the combination of ideas, visions and procedures that attest to the virtues of acting, thinking and being, different.




What do companies like Uber and Waze have in common? They have discovered that creativity and innovation are key to generate disruption in the market. To be creative and innovative is also a key condition for companies to survive in this dynamic world where the customers are craving new marketing experiences.

How might we stimulate Creativity?

To be creative the people or company needs to make changes, many changes. In the first instance, change needs to be facilitated through genuine pro-active leadership strategies operating in an environment and culture where leaders are recognized as Agents for Change. For permanent change strategies to be adopted, resulting in real creativity, all team members must be involved as an integral part of the strategy. The initial steps will be structured to recognize the need for diversity and successful leaders in today’s dynamic environment recognize the need for competency based management strategies. Innovative thinkers have established that true Diversity and Competency Based Management structures are vital considerations and components that will lead to more creative and innovative teams. You might be pondering the question “Why?”

It is important to clarify at this point what is meant by Diversity. In this instance I refer to a team that embodies a healthy variation of ideas that stem from a range of diverse backgrounds and practices. It is necessary to exclude diversity based simply on sex, age and race. The team is composed of people, competent and motivated people.

When one considers the enormous variety of markets that exist as developing, established or perhaps even waning markets, it is possible to reflect on the infinite competencies that exist to support and extend these market areas. The Leaders in today’s marketplace must have comprehensive knowledge of the competencies that drive their particular market and seek to build their teams with goal driven professionals who embody these competencies through to their cores. Individuals may not exhibit all the competencies all the time, but through the synergy that results from the resulting team structure will demonstrate all the competencies all the time. It is the variation in the backgrounds of those within the team that will also guarantee diversity, so you see Diversity and Competencies coexist in a team based management system that will ultimately drive Creativity, often developed through competition between teams and sometimes between team members.

Fernando Arbache

Fernando Arbache

Mestre em Engenharia Industrial PUC/Rio. Independent Education Consultant working with MIT Professional Education. Graduado em Engenharia Civil, UFJF. Data and Models in Engineering, Science, and Business/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). Challenges of Leadership in Teams/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). Data Science: Data to Insights/MIT, Cambridge, MA (USA). AnyLogic Advanced Program of Simulation Modeling/Hampton, NJ (USA). Experiência Acadêmica: Educational Consultant working with MIT. Instructor in Digital Courses at MIT Professional Education in Digital Transformation and Leadership in Innovation. Atuou cimo coordenador da FGV em cursos de Gestão. Atuou como professor FGV, nas cadeiras e Logística, Estatística, Gestão de Riscos e Sistemas de Informação. Professor da HSM Educação, IBMEC e FATEC. Livros escritos: ARBACHE, F. Gestão da Logística, Distribuição e Trade Marketing. São Paulo: Ed. FGV, 2004. ARBACHE, F. Logística Empresarial. Rio de Janeiro: Ed. Petrobras, 2005. ARBACHE, A. P. e ARBACHE, F. Sustentabilidade Empresarial no Brasil: Cenários e Projetos. São José do Rio Preto- SP: Raízes Gráfica e Editora, 2012. Pesquisa: Desenvolvimento de modelos de mapeamento de Competências Comportamentais e Técnicas, por meio de gamificação com uso de Inteligência Artificial, utilizando Deep Learning e Machine Learning ( Programa de Inovação com 75 cooperativas de diversas áreas de atuação e aproximadamente 500 participantes, com Kick-off no MIT PE ( Desenvolvimento de Inteligências nos dados e métricas - Big data e precisão nas tomadas de decisões na gestão de pessoas. Experiência Profissional: CIO (Chief Innovations Officer) da empresa Arbache Innovations especializada em simulação, inovação com foro em HRTech e EduTech – empresa premiada no programa Conecta ( como uma das 5 entre 500 startups mais inovadoras da América Latina. Acelerada pela Plug&Play ( em Sunnyvale, CA – Vale do Silício entre novembro e dezembro de 2018. Desenvolvimento de parceria com o MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology para cursos presenciais e digitais –, &

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