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A Robot Could Get Your Job? How To Face This Threat?

The Davos Global Forum was organized in January 2016 and released a very detailed report entitled “The Future of Jobs”.
The analysis established that 7.1 million people will lose their jobs by 2020 based solely on the exponential growth and development of cognitive and its associated technologies.
This innovative technology that is driven by amazing and highly detailed algorithmic formulas is producing at a staggering rate new forms of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Cognitive Computations, incredible “machines’ based on Nanotechnology, 3D Printers and various hybrids that are generally classed as Biotechnology. These are at the forefront of what is generally described as the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION.
The impact of this next Technological Revolution will have a huge impact on the workforce, just like other revolutions that have preceded it.


The impact of this next Technological Revolution will have a huge impact on the workforce, just like other revolutions that have preceded it.


Most companies and many countries have not prepared themselves for this new reality that is about to wash over them. Their professionals that make up the top end of their work force are not up to speed with what is coming as their schools, universities and company development programs remain anchored to old teaching theories and archaic knowledge delivery systems.
The smart operators will be seeking ways of predicting what is to follow and begin changing their systems now to accommodate the new opportunities that will arise. These smart operators are the proactive managers that will succeed in the future. Those that choose to plod along with the tried and proven methods of the past will most assuredly waste away in the aftermath and probably find themselves reporting to a robot, or worse still have no job at all.


Many jobs like taxi drivers, concierges, machine operators, telecom operators, and others will be replaced in the very near future by robots or other disruptive technologies resulting from this revolution that is growing right before our eyes. So, you doubt that these things are ready to hit the market? Please check out the autonomous cars that are being tested, yes tested, by Apple and Google.
It is difficult to argue the fact that all mechanical tasks will be replaced by smart machinery that can see and act on what needs to be done, with incredible accuracy and did I mention that they do not need to sleep or have holidays?
Multi-national companies are, right now, making huge investments in technology to build software and hardware to replace people with robots. We also need to recognize the fact that system based robots and algorithms are all around us right now, they presently do all of our searching on the Internet, they decipher mining data and make decisions of where to drill, and yes these algorithms and programs are understanding data and learning, albeit at a basic pace now, but very soon that will all change. Cognitive software programs are now being employed by companies to conduct a huge variety of analysis and replacing the statisticians that used to do the work, at a snail’s pace by comparison. Cognitive computing programs are going beyond these fundamental roles and are taking on roles that were once conducted by professionals carrying impressive degrees.


Multi-national companies are, right now, making huge investments in technology to build software and hardware to replace people with robots


Like every revolution that impacts on the workforce, jobs will disappear, but be assured, new ones will appear. New knowledge base expectations will be sought after and brand new market demands will appear, opening brand new markets for smart professionals, entrepreneurs and companies to explore and exploit. Yes exploit, if you are the first person on the block to recognize a trend the door of opportunity is opened before you.
Companies that adapt to this new era will need to change how they contract and retain employees, they will need to introduce new continuous, innovative training and development modules these may be a new financial burden that can be pre-empted now by the forward thinkers in the market place of today. Those that will be ready for tomorrow will be the proactive success stories of the near future.
The important skills deliberated at the Davos Global Forum that professionals need to establish to accommodate the demands of the fourth revolution are:

1 – The capability to solve complex problem that embody multiple variables
2 – Professionals must be able to project trends based on the information that flows from the marketplace in response to this inward surge of new technology
3 – The innovators must be able to apply critical analysis within a shared team based environment
4 – Act in a creative way to think outside the box and deliver solutions that may in fact utilize new technologies in a new way; create new disruptions for profit.
5 – Exhibit outstanding skills of leadership within a team based environment
6 – Work effectively in a lineal structure to predict change and respond effectively to it, while utilizing the resources at hand.
7 – Must be highly informed and seek constant updates concerning the use of and developments in Artificial Intelligence and technology involving Cognitive Computations

Finally the successful professional of the future will need to possess a comprehensive understanding of Disruptive Technology and exhibit Cognitive flexibility as a decision maker. Are you ready?

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Ana Paula Arbache

Ana Paula Arbache

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